2019 Here I come.

In 2017 I started giving workshops and what a blast they turned out to be, I think I had as much fun as the students! I get an afternoons company and the opportunity to share what I can do, definitely a win win.

When I started I thought that the workshop would be a one off and I would only see each group once, well that turned out to be wrong! They all wanted to come back for more so I added an intermediate workshop, then a lead came workshop, then a plate decorating workshop and lastly a bottle chime workshop. Will it end there? I have no idea, watch this space.

My first market will be the Walkerville Agricultural show on 9th & 10th March then Goiehoek Kontrei Mark on 1st May, if you would like to know which other markets I will be at please follow me on Facebook.com/Living.Glass.

In January of 2018 I organised a glass in as a fund raiser for Balls n’all and it was such fun that I organised a similar fundraiser for Henley @ Heart in July and another one for Balls ‘n all in January of this year and this year we made 41 paws.

There are photos of the workshops, glass in and various projects so please go and have a look at all the pages.